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Not So Hardware

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

"I can't stand door hardware."

"The specs are basically done, now I just need to do the.. door hardware."

"A new submittal came in. Oh no, it's door hardware!"

I get it. I'm an architect. I have been there.

I am also an independent architectural door hardware consultant. With this blog, I hope to bring some clarity to architects who have questions about the very complex topic category of door hardware.

Have you ever needed a door to do something that is a little different from usual, but you're not sure what hardware you can use to make your idea work?

When you look at a door hardware spec that somebody else wrote, is it all Greek to you?

When a submittal comes in with hardware substitutions and you try to compare them against the spec, do you know where to start?

My hope is that this blog will be a helpful response to these needs for architects everywhere. Let's make door hardware "not so hard".

These are my goals for this blog:

1) Be a source of answers to door hardware questions.

2) Educate. Put out answers to the questions that you didn't think to ask.

3) Reduce stress.

This is the inaugural entry for the blog. In future entries I will share my insights on specific door hardware issues that I have come across in my career. As the blog continues, it will become a useful reference for anyone seeking clarity on a wide variety of door hardware topics.

Check back over the next several days for the first technical discussions. Don't be afraid to ask questions either in the comments section or by contacting me directly. Also if you think I got something wrong, let me know and if appropriate I will make sure to issue a correction.

Architects, do you have a project with door hardware questions? Check out my website There you can find my contact info, and reach out to set up a call. Let's discuss how I can save you time and money while helping to ensure high quality results for your clients.

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Brian Penschow
Brian Penschow
Mar 29, 2022

Door hardware IS a point of pain for many!


Feb 24, 2022

Terrific! Thank you.

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