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The Ultimate Guide to How to Specify Door Hardware

It is easy to look at a finished hardware spec (or a finished building for that matter), and it seems as though it dropped out of the sky, or perhaps out of a prepackaged template.

Or maybe ChatGPT cooked it up? 😂

The process for arriving at that finished result matters a lot!

A few months ago I sat down to discuss my process for door hardware specification with the team at Layer App. I think it turned into quite a helpful resource for understanding what goes in to choosing hardware that best fits the project. Link below!

Questions? Ask me in the comments section or contact me directly. Also if you think I got something wrong, let me know and if appropriate I will make sure to issue a correction.

Architects, do you have a project with door hardware questions? Check out my website There you can find my contact info, and reach out to set up a call. Let's discuss how I can save you time and money while helping to ensure high quality results for your clients.

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